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Lister Hospitals is a Multi Specialty Health Centre located at the heart of Marthandam. This hospital was started on 2007 October. Hospital expanded to a fifty bedded hospital on 2011. And proposed an expansion to 85 beds in a very near future.

We have 24 hours critical care centre with various health care disciplines. These divisions are with well experienced specialty and super specialty consultant doctors. It is manned around the clock by well qualified Staff. We have a critical care Ambulance with a well experienced and expert Medical Team for 24 Hours.

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Hospital News
Foreign Body Removal (Fish Bone)
60 years old female patient,who is a H/O difficulty in swallowing of liquids,Dyspnoea,Swelling of face after fish bone ingestion 3 days back,and fever on and off.o/c patient is conscious,oriented,dysphagia.Neck movements are restricted.ENT opinion was sought advised CT scan of neck which showed elongated radio dense foreign body in the Hypopharynx at cricopharyngeal sphincter at C7 vertebra and planned for Rigid Oesophagoscopy with prophylactic anti edima measures patient was taken up for surgery.under GA,Foreign body(fish bone)was removed.17cm from skin incision and 10ml pus was also drained.Patient recovered well from anesthesia and the procedure was uneventful.patient recovered well.
Website Launched
Newly deigned website was launched on September 1st 2011