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Lister hospital is equipped with a high quality ultrasound scan machine which aids in identification of the source of a disease or to exclude any pathology in the internal body structures .

Lister hospital is known to posess a multidisciplinary well equipped 3 bedded ICCU and a 7 bedded IMCU.

Lister hospital also has the latest electronic automatic 12 channel ECG with interpretation ECG machines that is very accurate and detailed in report.

Lister hospital also has an unique treatmill test facility within the hospital premises

Lister hospital also provides EEG tests that help to determine variations in the electrical activity of the brain.

•Lister hospital has taken a great leap forward with the advanced and sophisticated fertility care, infertility investigation and treatment.

Lister hospital is very highly known for its casualty which is open 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year.

Lister hospital has very spacious semi private and private wards with one patient bed and an attender cot.

Lister hospital is very highly known for its casualty which is open 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year.

Our hospital has an unique 24 hours ambulance and a casualty for emergency care.

Lister hospital consists of digital x-ray unit and a mobile x-ray which are of the highest standards and of the best quality.

In Lister hospital, we have a classified CT-scan that enables us to offer the very latest in cutting-edge technology to our patients.

Lister hospital has one of the most advanced and highly equipped spacious operation theatre.

Lister hospital has the modernised and latest dialysis units and equipments.

We have an excellent in house pharmacy in which medicines are continuously updated in keeping with international standards.

In Lister hospital we have a very well equipped labour room and maternity ward.

Lister hospital has a spacious lab working all 24 hours which contains the latest sophisticated instruments.

In Lister hospital we have a 2D ECHO Doppler scan machine to help diagnose almost any pathological conditions pertaining to the heart.

In Lister hospital, we have general wards with individual partition curtain cubes..

Lister hospitals posess a very comfortable spacious and well furnished consultant rooms.

Lister hospital also provides physiotherapy care to patients.